SWO-001 - FIRSTBORN EVIL (Por) - "The Awakening Of Evil" MC (SOLD OUT!)

SWO-002 - THE SORCERER (Por) - "Through The Valley Of Shadows" MC (SOLD OUT!)

SWO-003 - DAIMONIUM (Por) - "Unknown Powers Obscure" MC (SOLD OUT!!!)

SWO-004 - CELTIC DANCE (Por) - "Ancient Battlecry" MC (SOLD OUT!)

SWO-005 - SLAIN (Por) - "Death Reigns Supreme" MC (SOLD OUT!)

SWO-666 - SUMMUM MALUM (Por) - "Lusitanian Evilness" MC (SOLD OUT!)

SWO-007 - IRON DARKNESS (Ger) - "Traumwelt" MC (SOLD OUT!)

SWO-008 - FROST / PAGAN FLAME (Can) - “Vinland Alliance” Spit  MC (SOLD OUT!)

SWO-009 - THY BLACK BLOOD (Por) - "Unmerciful Shades" MC (SOLD OUT!)

SWO-010 - GREIFENSTEIN (Aust) - “Ostarrichi Black Metal” MC (SOLD OUT!)

SWO-011 - V/A - "United Under banner of War" MC

SWO-012 - SOMBRE CHEMIN (Fra) - "Mémoire Paienne" MC (Re-release) (SOLD OUT!)

SWO-013 - PAGAN HERITAGE (NL) - “The Book of Shadows” MC (SOLD OUT!)

SWO-014 - HERJAN (Fra) - “Eternelle Mélancolie” MC (SOLD OUT!)

SWO-015 - EADÓCHAS (Irl) - "Beneath The Lonely Mountain" MC  

SWO-016 - ARYANAS (Can) - "Volkskrieg" MC (SOLD OUT!)

SWO-017 - HELL MARY (Austl) - “Belanglo Burial” MC (SOLD OUT!)

SWO-018 - NORD (Can) - “Nord” MC (SOLD OUT!)

SWO-019 - NORD (Can) - “Sombre Jour / Les saisons froides” MC (SOLD OUT!)

SWO-020 - SOLA SVARTNAR (Fra) - “Conquete” MC (SOLD OUT!!!)

SWO-021 - ASHTORETH INCESTI (Bel) - “Hypnagogic Hallucinations” MC (SOLD OUT!!!)


SWO-023 - BLODSBAND (Swe) - "Svunna Tiders Sagner" MC

SWO-024 - ETERNAL HELCARAXE (Irl) - "To Whatever End" MC

(In Cooperation with Blood & Soil Productions)

SWO-025 - FAETHON (Gre) - “Pagan Revival / + Bonus” MC (LAST COPIES/NO MORE TRADES!!!)

SWO-026 - TRISKÉLE (Can) - “Triade Nordique” MC (SOLD OUT!!!)

SWO-027 - ANTI LIFE (Bra) - "Bem Vindos ao Começo do Fim" MC (SOLD OUT!!!)

SWO-028 - ORDER OF THE DEATH'S HEAD (Fra) - "Antisémite" MC   

SWO-029 - KORPBLOD (Swe) - “Uråldrig Samklang” MC (SOLD OUT!!!)

SWO-030 - MISTY FOREST / KRAJINY HMLY (Slk) - "Ked Padnú Hmly" MC

(In Cooperation with Werewolf Promotion)

SWO-031 - SLAVLAND (Pol) - “Lechita” MC (SOLD OUT!!!)

(In Cooperation with SatanHades Prod.)

SWO-032 - CAEDES CASTUS (Pol/Usa) - "Descendance Into Navia" MC

(In Cooperation with Blood & Soil Productions)

SWO-033 - AESIR (Arg) - "Wotanism" MC

(In Cooperation with Werewolf Promotion)

SWO-034 - SACRIFICIO SUMERIO (Bra) - "Sangue e Honra" MC 

SWO-035 - KORPBLOD (Swe) - “Hymner” MC

SWO-036 - ZERIVANA (Pol) - "Velesvarun" MC

(In Cooperation with Blood & Soil Productions)

SWO-037 - AESIR (Arg) - "La Estirpe Del Sol Vuelve a Resurgir" MC (LAST COPIES!)

(In Cooperation with Werewolf Promotion)

SWO-038 - FROSSET SKOG (Rus) - "W Pesnach Fewralskich Vetrov"  MC  (LAST COPIES/NO MORE TRADES!!!)

(In Cooperation with Werewolf Promotion)

SWO-039 - SONNENRAD (Spa) . "TotalitAryan Intolerance" MC (LAST COPIES/NO MORE TRADES!!!)

(In cooperation with Blood & Soil Productions)

SWO-040 -MALSAINT / AKTION TOTENKOPF (Fra) - "Glazial Cosmopöle" MC  (SOLD OUT!)

SWO-041 - MALSAINT  (Fra) - "Eternal Reich" MC  (SOLD OUT!)

(In Cooperation with Blood & Soil Productions)

SWO-042 - OMASUM (Spa) - "Claim The Evil For Eternity"   MC

(In cooperation with Blood & Soil Productions)


(In Cooperation with Blood & Soil Productions)

 SWO-044 - AESIR (Arg) - "Final Holocaust" MC 

 (In cooperation with Blood & Soil Productions)

 SWO-045 - AESIR (Arg) - "Herencia Blanca" MC 

 (In cooperation with Blood & Soil Productions)

 SWO-046 - AESIR / SIGFODUR (Arg) - "Visiones De Victoria" MC 

 (In cooperation with Blood & Soil Productions)

 SWO-047 - BAISE MA HACHE (Fra) - "Ab Origine Fidelis" MC (SOLD OUT)

(In Cooperation with Blood & Soil Productions)

SWO-048 - WEREWOLF FRONT (Swe) - "Wolves Of The White North" MC (LAST COPIES/NO MORE TRADES!)

(In Cooperation with Blood & Soil Productions)

SWO-049 - ABYSSIC HATE (Austl) - "Eternal Damnation / Betrayed" MC (SOLD OUT)

SWO-050 - AESIR (Arg) - "Runatal" MC

(In Cooperation with Blood & Soil & Werewolf Promotion Productions)

SWO-051 - VERMINE (Fra) - "Agonie D'Une Nation" MC  (LAST COPIES/NO MORE TRADES!!!) 

SWO-052 - CATERVA RUNA (Fra) -  "Europa Nostra" MC 

SWO-053 - MALÉFICE (Fra) - "Le Monastère Des Hommes En Noir" MC 

SWO-054 - BANNERWAR (Gre) -  “To Honour Fatherland” MC  (OUT NOW!!!)

SWO-055 - BANNERWAR (Gre) - “Centuries of Heathen Might” MC  (OUT NOW!!!)

SWO-056 - STOSSTRUPP (Gre) - "Wir Kommen - Rehearsal 110" MC   (OUT NOW!!!)

SWO-057 - REIDH (Fin) - "Children of Northern Sun" MC  

SWO-058 - ASCÈTE (Fra) -  "Ascète" MC 

SWO-059 - VERMINE (Fra) - "Un Nouvel Ordre Noir - Ère de l'Intolérance" MC 

SWO-060 - DARK FURY (Pol) - "Vae Victis!" MC  (LAST COPIES/NO MORE TRADES!!!) 

(In cooperation with Lower Silesian Stronghold)

SWO-061 - DARK FURY (Pol) - "Slavonic Thunder" MC (LAST COPIES/NO MORE TRADES!!!) 

(In cooperation with Lower Silesian Stronghold)

SWO-062 - LEIBSTANDARTE  (Fra) - "Ein Volk, Ein Reich..." MC (OUT NOW!!!)





SWO-TS01 - CELTIC DANCE (Por) - "Legião Lusitana" TS (SOLD OUT!)
SWO-TS03 - HUNOK (Hun) - TS (SOLD OUT!!!)
SWO-TS04 - CELTIC DANCE (Por) - “Sons Of Europe” TS (SOLD OUT!!!)




GHOST KOMMAND #1 (English written)
(First issue of this true hammer in the face of all religions & his feeble followers… Containing interviews with acts such as: CRYFEMAL (Spa), HORDAGAARD (Nor), INNER HELVETE (Por), SOMBRE CHEMIN (Fra), WOLFTHRONE (Spa), FUTHARK (Col), PAGAN HERITAGE (Hol), HUNOK (Hun), ARYAN ART (Bul), KULT (Ita), GEIMHRE (Can), SIG:AR:TYR (Can), ARYANAS (Can), ARKENSTONE (Por), AKITSA (Can)… The obvious reviews & a few hot news!!! It’s just the beginning of a new ERA… Limited to 100 copies!!!)
 (SOLD OUT!!!)

GHOST KOMMAND #2 (English written)
(52 A4 xeroxed pages with great quality written in English, Featuring interviews with: REVAGE (Por), NARGASH (Por), CRIPTA OCULTA (Por), WOTANORDEN (Usa), ASKA (Swe), LEACHIM (Gre), DOLENTIA(Por) , FJORD (Can), WALDVATER (usa), HYPOTHERMIA (Swe), DECAYED (Por), SOLA SVARTNAR (Can), BOSQUE PAGÃO (Bra), DROWNING THE LIGHT (Austl), HRIZG (Spa), PCYST (Usa), NORD (Can). A few reviews, an article about the Sumerians & a fucking great devotion of all the involved….Limited to 100 copies)
 (SOLD OUT!!!)

GHOST KOMMAND #3 (English written)
(44 pages with Interviews with: SATANIC WARMASTER (Fin), WOLFNACHT (Gre), WOODTEMPLE (Aus), KAWIR (Gre), CELTACHOR (Ire), CRY OF SILENCE (Gre), ASHTORETH INCESTI (Bel), BRUMA OBSCURA (Por), CRYSTALLINE DARKNESS (Por), FIR BOLG (Fra), OBSKENE SONARE (Ger), STRIX (Ita), ELDRIG(Usa), a few reviews, a MOONBLOOD poster. Limited to 100 copies only!!!)
(SOLD OUT!!!!)

GHOST KOMMAND #4 (English written)
(No mercy it's given under this pages anti censorship... This time with 45 unholy pages of endless torment featuring bands such as: DARK FURY (Pol), FROST (Can), MARBH (Por), EVIL (Bra), VALKNACHT (Can), ASHES (Uk), HEINDRICHREICH (Ire/Slo), PAGAN FLAME (Can), KORPBLOD (Swe), VRANOROD (Ser), WINTERFYLLETH (Uk), NORDGLANZ (Ger), FAETHON (Gre), BLOOD OF THE MOON (Nz), DUN-TUR (Por) & SILBERBACH (Ger). Limited to 150 copies this time. Let your eyes speak the tongue of thy soul!)


GHOST KOMMAND #5 (English written)
(New issue out containing about 50 pages featuring interviews with true devoted acts such as: STWORZ (Pol), VSPOLOX (Rus), DEMORIAN (Swe), SEKHMET (Cze), AVATHAR (Fin), KOLTUM (Por), HERETIC BLAZE (Bel), SONNENRAD (Spa), ANCESTORS BLOOD (Fin), TURDUS MERULA (Swe), ZERIVANA (Pol), INFERNAL KINGDOM (Por), ASENHEIM (Ger), CATUVOLCUS (Can), WINDRIDER (Uk), VOLUSPAA (Nor), SOKROVENNO (Ita), KENAZ (Can), SONNEILLON (Por), a few reviews & a really decent printing!!! Limited to 100 copies only!!! Support your roots & your underground...)
 (SOLD OUT!!!)


 GHOST KOMMAND #6 (English written) 

(New issue containing the following: DER STURMER (Gre), ORDER OF THE DEATH'S HEAD (Fra), AESIR (Arg), WEREWOLF FRONT (Swe), IMPERIUM SACRUM (Ger), ELITISM (Fra), ORNAMENTS OF SIN (Fra), ETERNAL HELCARAXE (Ire), RACIAL PURITY (Ger), BAISE MA HACHE (Fra), BLUTKULT (Ger), APOLOKIA (Ita), HAMMERVOLK (Bra) & GRAFVOLLUTH (Usa). All in the ancient  underground way, with a very decent print, all written in English, limited to 114 copies only!!! THIS IS A CALL TO WAR!!!) (LAST COPIES!!!)


GHOST KOMMAND #7 (English written)  

(7th Issue of this Black Metal War manual featuring the following bands: INSTINCT (Uk), LIKVANN (Nor), MONARQUE (Can), NEFRET (Por), CAVERNE (Fra), PALE MIST (Uk), PERMAFROST (Ger), SATERDUM (Spa), NEFASTU (Por), VERMINE (Fra), MALSAINT (Fra), PESTNEBEL (Ger), DEATHCRAFT (Spa), STURMTIGER (Uk/Den), HIRAETH (Usa), ENTSETZLICH (Austl) in 40 pages of massive Black Metal destruction, limited once again to 114 copies) (LAST COPIES!!!)


GHOST KOMMAND #8 (English written) 

(8th Issue finally available featuring the following Blitzkrieg: (JARNVIDR /Swe/, WHITE DEATH /Fin/, FROSTVEIL /Austl/, DARK FURY /Pol/, OþALAN /Swe/Usa/, FATHERLAND /Fin/, MACABRE OMEN /Gre/, INFAMOUS /Ita/, CATERVA RUNA /Fra/, MALÉFICE /Fra/, STANDVAST /Hol/, REIDH /Fin/, WOTANORDEN /Usa/, CIRCLE OF DAWN /Fin/, a few reviews…) 44 pages of pure rampage & desecration against the usual enemies, once again neither mercy nor censorship on the bullets fired at will!!!) WAR HAS JUST BEGUN…!!! 


GHOST KOMMAND #9 (English written) 

(Against all the tides, the 9th Issue finally available featuring the following Panzer Divisions: NORDKAMPF /Swe/, FLAKTIIN /Por/, EISENWINTER /Swi/, DIVINE THUNDER /Uk/, NORTHERN /Usa/,  WOLVE'S EYES /Uk/, RATTENKONIG /Austl/, KVASIR'S BLOOD /Usa/, VIA DOLOROSA /Ita/,  AZEL'S MOUNTAIN /Pol/, RUHO /Fin/, VON HEXE /Ita/, SONDERKOMMANDO /Fin/,NOKTURNE /Usa/, a few reviews… 44 pages English written, of pure HATE, WAR & BLASPHEMY!!!) 


GHOST KOMMAND #10 (English written) 

(Against all the tides, the 10th Issue finally available featuring the following Panzer Divisions: BLUTFAHNE /Ukr/, SAMMAS´EQUINOX /Fin/, OLD SCYTHIA /Ukr/, LEIBSTANDARTE /Fra/, NOXIA /Ger/,  WALSUNG /Bra/, FORLORN WINDS /Usa/, CROC NOIR /Fra/, NAER MATARON /Gre/,  WODULF /Gre/, RUHO /Fin/, ORACLE-KAPUTT /Int/, XENOCIDE /Int/, DRAGÓN-DE-HIERRO /Mex/, NORRHEM /Fin/… 14 bands in 52 pages English written, of pure HATE, WAR & BLASPHEMY!!!) (OUT NOW!!!) (OUT NOW!!!)



GHOST KOMMAND ZINE it's from now on distributed worldwide by Polish LOWER SILESIAN STRONGHOLD REC.:



SWO-064 - CELTIC DANCE / VIA DOLOROSA (Por/Ita) - "War Congregation" MC

SWO-065 - TERRIBEEN (Fra) - “Vestiges d'une Gloire Perdue“ MC 

SWO-066 - OLD SCYTHIA (Ukr) - “Blind War” MC

SWO-067 - BLUTFAHNE (Ukr) - “The Circle of Eternal Return” MC

SWO-068 - STAHLFRONT (Ger) - “Im Zeichen der Reinheit“ PRO-MC 

SWO-069 - T.B.A. - PRO-MC 

SWO-CD001 -  STOSSTRUPP (Gre) - “Wir Kommen-Rehearsal 110” CD 


Stuff  SOLD OUT will not be repressed again!!!